Antioxidant Supplement Worsened General PEM

You're very, very, welcome :) :thumbsup:.

I had to learn to do this kind of careful breakdown early on in my ME/CFS, when I started reacting to absolutely every-effing-thing I was taking, and didn't know why. I'm still reactive to sulfur, which means I can't take B-Comp compounds, or Taurine :(, which is so useful for the anxiety/panic attacks and for sleep, which I also have biiiiig problems with, or several other really helpful and useful things. Damn.

I can't guarantee that you're as reactive to sulfur as I am, but your PEMs made me think of how absolutely wretched I felt early on in all this.... uh.....frolic, after taking my usual morning dose of MSM crystals mixed with warm water, which I'd been taking for years and years, and , your reaction seemed really similar. It took several more years for me to slowly start connecting the dots on a lot of things, not just sulfur.

I know (at least I hope I know) that this is transitory, and eventually, we'll be able to add stuff back, slowly and carefully, until finally, we'll be totally tickity-boo.

Keep on punchin', and onward and upward :rocket:!!! And thank you for the thanks, much appreciated :) :thumbsup:.
No no, thank you for the helpful information. And I wish you the same and everyone else here to keep on punching upwards and beyond :)