Do I have PEM?

My situation is fairly simple.
I can do ''stuff'' one day, basicly go to stores, shop, go out a bit. MINIMAL WALKING- I use electric store carts.

The next day I must do NOTHING.
I can do ''a little'' the next day
then nothing
then I can go out on the ''Big Day''- walk a bit go out a bit but I have a DEFINITE finite amount of energy, otherwise I must UP MY MEDS (cortef)

I am weaning slowly off Cortef, have gotten to 10MG but any anger issue or stress or overdoing physically can stress them out.

Also, just had a NEW ISSUE@
Ill talk about it in a new post:
Weight loss! Fasting and increased fatigue.

Ya cant win.


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Sounds like PEM. It might be the seemingly minimal physical exertion that triggers it, or it might be the extra cerebral activity involved. For me, it takes unusual physical activity to trigger my PEM, and that takes about 24 hrs for the symptoms to start. Cerebral activity, such as driving or socializing, triggers somewhat different PEM symptoms, and can start within an hour or so.

You'll have to pay attention to specifically what triggers your PEM, what alters the severity and duration, and how best to recover from it. There's no general advice that works for everyone, so we all have to do this exercise to figure out how to deal with our PEM.

Some of us have found treatments that effectively block or treat PEM. Mine is cumin (curry spice), which works very well for me, but no one else has reported it working for them. It was an accidental discovery. Maybe there's an accidental discovery just waiting for you to try. Ya can win. Maybe. If you're really lucky. You do have to try lots of things, and put up with discovering that many of them make your symptoms worse, but even that's good since you then know what to avoid.