Fever -> crash -> weak legs. Which test can I do?


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2 weeks ago I got this forehead inflammation (sinusitis) and 1 day fever. This innocent inflammation was enough to put me in a crash. The crash manifests itself in total fatigue plus weak legs. There are times on a day that I can not even stand on my legs.
This is not the first time it happened, last year this happened as well. Also after a virus/cold/fever.

I wonder what could trigger the weak legs, my guess is that a virus/lyme/infection gets 'activated'.
Or it gets the change to show itself because my immune system is busy with the fever/infection in the forehead.
Liposomal vitamin C and lysine takes the weak legs away for a short time. This gives me more confirmation that it has something to do with an infection or virus?

As always, my doc isn't helping, so I am currently searching for a good and reliable test to check for viruses and infections. I will test later for lyme, but for now I need to check for some ongoing viruses/infections.

Are there any suggested tests to determine this?

Thanks in advance for thinking along.