Just a few sprays of a home-made Dr Brewer antifungal nasal spray for nasal mold triggered significant PEM

I am not sure. It's experimental fringe medicine, so most doctors will not know about it. And there isn't any direct evidence for mold infections in the nose. In fact, Dr Ritchie Shoemaker is very critical of the nasal mold infection idea. If you can find a doctor following Dr Brewer's protocol for nasal mold, I am sure they would be happy to prescribe. For the MARCoNs nasal spray, it is Shoemaker trained doctors who will prescribe it, if you test positive for MARCoNs.
Thanks, makes sense . Surprised Shoemaker doesn't think mold can infect the sinuses , of maybe he meant nose only ? It's in the sinuses . Old can't go from no mucus aside from
the common cold , to hsving it pour out of you after being immersed in black mold . It's one of the admitted problems , sinus infection .
From what I ready , it requires surgery and is rather serious , pretty much eats away the tissues .
Once damaged by mold , re-exposure sends people into true hell
So I also suspect many had mold exposure that damaged them some time in the past and didn't know it, the re-exposure sent them over the edge

Maybe ask Erik Johnson about those medicstions and why you reacted the way you did. I've read some of his stuff and he really gets mold. I don't know what he did exactly to cute himself but he really knows what he is talking about and seems to be very sincere and wants to educate and spread the word . I'll try to see if I can reach him. I don't have social
media so maybe via his blog, not sure . But someone here mentioned he is on Facebook ,

The oral anti-fungals are hard on the liver as everyone knows , not sure what that would go. Another member wrote she went on a special diet , took charcoal
And clay, got rid of most her possessions and moved to Arizona . She is 90% better , her/his post was very recent . Maybe she has more insight on your nasal spray and reaction
That's quite interesting Hip. A few years ago a close physician friend of mine who is good friends with Dr. Brewer, who practices in the same city we both live in, got me an appointment to see him. Apparently it's quite difficult to get an appointment with him.

I ultimately didn't take him up on it because originally Dr. Brewer was treating ME/CFS patients with much the same approach and treatment as the more popular east and west coast American physicians. But then he suddenly became " obsessed " with the mold basis of disease which kind of put me off. Perhaps I should rethink this.

As an aside Hip, all my improvements are still holding steady after all this time. Coincidence? I just don't know.

You had improvements from the spray, or other mold treatment ? Was the mold only in your nose?


almost there...
What surprised me the most was that I was not yet even using any antifungal compounds: not amphotericin B, itraconazole, nystatin nor colloidal silver.

I just started with the biofilm buster EDTA spray, which breaks down the mold's biofilm. My idea was just to start gently using the anti-biofilm nasal spray first, and then introduce the antifungal nasal spray perhaps a few weeks later.

But the biofilm buster EDTA spray alone caused my PEM and greatly increased mental fatigue, a strong response which makes me think that a nasal mold infection may very well be playing a causal role in my ME/CFS.
Dr Nathan suggests you need to have your detox protocol and binders in place before you go after the mold colonizing the nose. He claims he can often tell how a patient is going to react to the antifungals by how they react to binders. Those able to handle aggressive binding can go for the ampho B (about 60% of patients); the more sensitive folks, he starts on nystatin nasl spray; those in the middle will get a 2% ketoconazole solution. If he suspects someone is going to be very sensitive he'll start them on hydrosol silver. Interestingly he adds the biofilm buster in last; perhaps this is a bigger jump than one would think, and maybe why you reacted strongly to your biofilm solution.

Apparently he's tending to leave antibiotics out of his sprays these days after not seeing any improvement with them, and also not being able to eradicate the marcons. He talks about this at around 55 minutes into his recent talk with the betterhealthguy.

Lastly, he claims 90% of his patients have mold colonized nasal passages, and that treating this has catapulted his treatment success rate. These numbers are compatible with Brewer's original numbers in the study of ME/CFS patients.

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Interestingly he adds the biofilm buster in last; perhaps this is a bigger jump than one would think, and maybe why you reacted strongly to your biofilm solution.
Perhaps it is quite a bit jump to start on the biofilm buster.

I've diluted my disodium EDTA biofilm buster nasal spray ten times now, down from the original 0.5% to 0.05%, and I only take it every other day, at only one 0.1 ml spray per nostril. But I am still finding the day after I take it I feel a bit whacked. But it's bearable thus far, so that's how I am proceeding at the moment.
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