Permanent worsening after surgery


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
Do you think it means that a second trap opened up, or the initial one still had more drops?
I have several thoughts.

First, it created ongoing trauma ... I have permanent circulation problems.

Second, ME most likely involves many feedback loops. My body is still responding.

Third, a trap hypothesis, such as the tryp-trap, involves a certain number of cells having deranged chemistry. Unless there is total saturation you can always have a higher percentage of cells affected if there is further trauma.

My leg surgery included a titanium implant. Titanium is toxic. They tell you its safe, but there is a very high incidence of titanium related antibodies after such implants. Titanium is also directly toxic, but considered safe because it rapidly oxidised and binds to local tissue. That tissue might however be compromised. Who knows what signals are being sent?

Lastly there may be nutritional issues involved, additional burdens to be overcome.