Tracking CCI / AAI MRI & Treatment outcomes

I have been tested for CCI / AAI / Chiari / Spinal Stenosis with specific scans and tested

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Today, I just had my UPRIGHT cervical MRI with flexion, extension and rotation views per Jeff's @jeff_w 's recommendation. It just so happens that there is a place right here in the Phoenix area called Stand Up MRI of Arizona. I was told by my doc at Stanford, when I asked him for a script for this, that:

1. He would NOT write for me this imaging
2. That the only upright MRI machines belong to research institutions and would be impossible for me to get in.

After a down-and-out argument where I wanted to punch him in the face Well, a quick Google search later and I downloaded their form, filled it out, and got an appointment in a week. Insurance did not cover it, but it was only $600. (I know)

So, I got my three copies on DVD no problem. Now, to send them off to the experts back East...what should I include in my cover letter??

When I read first read @jeff_w 's "Mechanical Basis" and then @JenB 's subsequent post, I broke down in tears. I *KNOW* this is going to be me. I was a champion high jumper in high school but I had an improper landing technique, landing on my face and head. My neck pain has been unreal over the last 27 years. ME, POTS, MCAS has gotten progressively worse every year.
that is incredible that you can self refer for the mri and cost not bad, they want more than that for dmx here in wi. did they also give you a report (and if so did it seem like they knew what they were doing?)
Scans required:
- Upright MRIs with flexion, extension, and rotational views, or
- Supine CT scans with flexion, extension, and rotational views, or
- 3T supine MRI.
Hi @mattie, I’m a longtime reader but new to posting so I don’t want to mess up here but I have been investigating being assessed by Dr Bolognese & even spoke to him personally to find out what imaging he required. As of about March 10, 2019 he said for initial assessment a supine MRI 1.5T or higher w/o contrast is what he needs. No special views required. This may help many who have already had imaging done since becoming ill. He said to go ahead & send my entire spine images from 2014 (supine MRI 1.5 Tesla when I was already severely ill.) Perhaps his skill in recognizing this condition is getting keener as the cases flood in...
I am being investigated for CCI. Can I ask for a full description of the MRI and additional views required? Thanks.
I have not been on for a while so I apologize for the delay in responding.

In my case, Dr. Bolognese accepted a supine .3 Tesla open MRI with extension and flexion. However, he did say that they are poor quality pics.